Eating healthy — Want simple strategies that work?

January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Would you like to learn my secrets to help you finally stick to your new year’s resolution — eating healthy by cooking more at home?

Start your new year on the right foot. I have a free gift for you. Join me next Tuesday, January 31st on my “Success in the Kitchen 2012″ introductory call.

Many other cooking programs require a lot of time, discipline and planning; they are often unrealistic in our busy, overwhelming world. The result? We go straight back to expensive or unhealthy prepared foods and dining out.

The strategies I will share with you during this complimentary call are simple, fast, and flexible and work for any type of diet or cuisine. You’ll be amazed how quickly you too will feel like a wizard in the kitchen! And that confidence you gain is the key to long-term success.

This is based on my most popular class I do in January to help my students’ new year’s resolutions.  Many people have asked me to offer it virtually, so here’s your chance. You’ll learn the very secrets I’ve been using to cut hours in the kitchen every week, keep our weight off, and save $9000 per year for 2 of us just from food cost alone. And in case you are wondering, we’ve been eating much better than before without repeats. It’s simple, and it works. If I can do it, so can you.

“Success in the Kitchen 2012″ Introductory Call
Tuesday, January 31 st  6 pm – 7 pm PST (9 pm – 10 pm EST)
Where? Wherever you are via your phone or Skype out
How much? FREE!
What if I can’t make it? No worries. By registering, you will receive the action guide and recording.

Reserve your spot and get the call-in number!

Can I invite my friends? Yes! This call will help anyone who wants to learn new, simple yet innovative tips to save tons of time in the kitchen, while creating better, healthier food in 2012 and beyond. Simply forward this email, and tell them to pre-register from the link above; they will get their own reminders, resources and recording.

If you are serious about eating healthier this year, but feel the lack of time always gets in the way, this call is a must, to break that barrier!

Be sure to invite your friends! They will THANK you.


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