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I got new life!  All in a few months – just by having fun cooking and eating well!

– M. Foltz, Walnut Creek, CA

Mari, you’ve changed my life!

Before, I loved home cooked meals, but as a single woman, I always thought it was too much work. Plus I never considered myself a good cook.  Inspired by Mrs. Obama and Jamie Oliver’s efforts, I decided to start cooking more this year. I wanted to be healthier. To make things easy , I decided to try Mari’s methods, because it was very unique.

First, I made a large batch of sautéed mirepoix. Oh my god! It’s so handy, and  everything became delicious, it was like a magic ingredient! My stuffed cabbage turned out so good, it totally nourished my soul! This experience gave me a surge of joy and confidence. So I tried more of Mari’s recipes using the same mirepoix which I froze in smaller portions as she suggested.  Frozen mirepoix allowed me to create more dishes like chili and stuffed peppers much faster than I imagined, and completely changed my perspectives about home cooking:  from something hard and time-consuming, to something easy, fast and fun.

I now enjoy the entire cooking process, and consider myself a great cook – just like my mom! No recipes are intimidating to me any more! This experience has helped me with healthier life style in general.  My weight dropped 7 lbs naturally, and I feel much lighter and more energetic throughout the day.  Leftovers go to work with me as lunch and healthy snacks , and saved money is adding up quickly.

I feel like I got new life!  All in 3-4 months – just by having fun and eating well! Mari, Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I’m really excited with my new life now!

I attended Mari’s class and was blown away by the things I realized I could be doing to save time and money in the kitchen! Everything was clearly stated, the class was fun, and I can go right home (and to the store) and make changes in my cooking techniques immediately! I can’t wait to try them!

—  Becky, San Francisco, CA

Mari’s course was awesome!  Within the first hour I already had enough information to save a tremendous amount on my food budget, and also gave me more time with my family and less time in the kitchen cooking! Thank you, Mari!

— Randy, San Jose, CA

I’ve gotten a lot better in the planning category by thinking more in the kitchen wizard style. I’m going to the market less often and doing a better job of using (or reinventing) leftovers. Meal planning is definitely much easier, especially at 5pm when I’m trying to figure out at the last minute what we are having for dinner that night.  For example, I tried the sausage tip this weekend. Sauteed chicken sausage with a little garlic and onion. Added frozen chicken broth I had made last time we had rotisserie chicken from Costco. Added some lentils. Left it to simmer and then went to the spa for a facial. Came home to fabulous soup for dinner. :)    Thanks!

— Brenda, Seattle, WA

Do you want to experience what they discovered and start having fun in the kitchen, and get compliments from friend and family (and most importantly, yourself?)

Then come join my class! Or send me an email at mari@KitchenWizardMari.com. Tell me when and what kind of class you are interested.  I am available for a hire for a group of 6 participants or more for customized classes.

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